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Wednesday, April 30 2014
Today was one of the most unrelentingly rainy days in recent memory, although there was a brief period in the late afternoon when the rain seemed to halt for a bit. I took advantage of that brief window to make a quick foray with the dogs (their first walk of the day) to salvage firewood west of the Farm Road. Just as I was rising to my feet with the pack of wood on my back, large rain drops began to fall from the sky. I would have been drenched had it not been for the fact that there was a lot of space between these drops, so by the time I walked home, I was only a little wet on my head and shoulders. My backpack weighed 105 pounds, which suggested a firewood load of 102 pounds. But more of it than usual was water, so it was probably closer to 100 pounds of dry wood.
I'd taken a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine to help me crank through some work, although I got stuck in vortex of fixing some problems related to those business simulation games I worked on last year. If I had any self respect, I would tell that professor to fuck off, but for some reason I want to stay on her good side despite the fact that she's all paid up and there is no prospect of her paying me any more money for these annoying fixes she keeps wanting. Admittedly, some of these fixes are for things I should have fixed a long time ago, but she failed to test the games when I'd finished working on them and has, for some reason, decided to try them in the classroom without testing them out first to make sure they work as expected.

In other web development news, today my keywording application guy came over and gave me a big check. We're getting down to the irritating little details on the project, and both of us are not as stressed out about it as we used to be. Our meeting went well, but I've lost a little confidence in the project ever since an occasion earlier in the week when I had to talk the client down from a sudden harebrained idea of abandoning the web version and instead making a Lightroom plugin that somehow opens his original keywording program (which is written in Filemaker).
Late this evening I popped open a bottle of Ballast Point Sculpin that I'd been careful to refrigerate first. This beer tasted better than the one I'd drunk at room temperature, though it still lacked the complicated grapefruity goodness I'd remember from drinking Sculpin straight from a tap.
Though outdoor temperatures today never rose above the mid-40s, I kept a good fire running in the woodstove, and most of the house was comfy as a result. In the laboratory, though, I was forced to run a electric space heater.

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