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   August 2015

01: vaping at the lake - First real success with an affordable vaporizer, in this case the Vapir NO2.
02: okay house, bad site; big ugly house, great site - It's hard to find precisely what you want when you're looking for a cabin on an Adirondack lake.
03: jury duty, 2015 - I spend the day in Uptown Kingston at the most historically-significant courthouse in America.
04: wake & vape - Starting a day involving coffee shop internet and shopping for flooring with a piece of electronic drug paraphernalia.
05: maybe kratom isn't for me - Having a not especially good (or bad) time on this legal drug. Also, the visiting vet gives shots to some cats and a couple come over for dinner.
06: clown car debate - After a meal of vegan barbecue, we watch the first debate of the 2016 presidential season.
07: mystery cucurbit now has flowers - A vine that appeared spontaneously in the new garden patch and took over our lawn is now bearing flowers loved by bees and wasps.
08: my first sobriety checkpoint - On NY 32 coming back from Palenville.
09: finally the screen stopped rotating - The most useless mode for a laptop screen is portrait mode, and yet my EliteBook 2740p kept switching to it randomly until I fixed the problem using Regedit.
10: to and from timestamps - Wading into datetime algorithms and another flea crisis (this one named 'Fleaghazi').
11: avoiding sneeze clouds - Today's example of a Ghettoford human oddity takes the form of weaponized droplets.
12: plausible happy ending - Another baby squirrel and another batch of kratom tea.
13: Goldfinches and Chicory - Feeling like I'm in a scene from Rectify.
14: without a vegan vision - Disappointing tacos in Uptown Kingston.
15: late-summer garden fatigue - Gardens often look terrible at this time of year. Also, a couple tales from our friend Michæl.
16: tiny taco in Woodstock - I surprise Gretchen at her workplace with Ramona the Dog.
17: shit show - A hot summer trip to the Hurley dump. And my GreenWorks chainsaw is seriously on the fritz.
18: hawk, vulture, raven - Gretchen leaves me to fend for myself but then we get together for dinner with friends.
19: crazy singularity - The only way to defeat Donald Trump is with even greater levels of crazy.
20: good greasy vegan food & low thread counts - A drive down to that mountain cabin in Maryland.
21: anglehair of my people - In the forest gathering Sassafras and material for use as trivet legs.
22: Hispanic anomaly - An artificial lake with strange demographics in Appalachian Maryland.
23: canine travel constipation - Trying to get dogs to shit and piss around Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square.
24: bang bang bang - Attempting to have dinner at three different vegan restaurants in Philadelphia.
25: mints in New Jersey - Driving back from Philadelphia with vegan sandwiches and constipated dogs.
26: who feels failed by the American Dream - An explanation for why the people who shoot up their workplaces and schools are almost always white.
27: consumer control - Companies making it so we can't do what we like with the stuff we buy from them.
28: backups and trust - How can you be sure the backup routine you're using with your computer is actually producting stuff you can use in a pinch?
29: the key to configuring a heavy backpack load - Strap it high up. Also, trouble with cheap Chinese flash media.
30: the nerdiest thing that had ever been said - My idea for a name for an Earth, Wind & Fire cover band.
31: Chicken of the Woods hangover - I suspect this forest mushroom played a role in giving me a day-long malaise.