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   September 2015

01: with cat piss, I'm rarely lucky - Hopefully they haven't been pissing on the basement collection of literature.
02: McDonalds in the Mohawk Valley - Gretchen and I drive with friends out to Bleecker in the southern Adirondacks for a second look at a great parcel.
03: lots of close lightning - A power outage forces me to finish reading my first novel since 2008.
04: made of mistakes - I make a copper pitcher from scratch.
05: perfect steel hoop - I transform a stout piece of wire into a perfect skeltal element for my new copper water pitcher.
06: 80% of a QuikWall - Also, some success with getting an Atmega8 to work in the Arduino environment without a crystal at 8 MHz.
07: three ways to loose antifreeze - One crisis after another with my solar hydronic system, followed by a dinner party.
08: recalcitrant fittings - Trouble with old solder joints and getting fittings to match on the solar deck.
09: Chongo & Ramona - At some point, after initial hostility, Ramona decides that a visiting dog is awesome.
10: too prudish to accept - Reality shows without sex aren't that interesting.
11: near prescription - Stumbling through an uptown parking lot with dilated pupils.
12: magical seahorse - Also, I prefer Catskill Mountain Pizza to the Little Bear.
13: horrible little creatures - I begin to tile the basement in vinyl, right up to the door of a room that reeks of cat urine.
14: grid is a stern taskmaster - Working with snap-together plastic tiles.
15: chill & mosquitoes - Like acne with wrinkles, these problems of the September outdoors.
16: Incuriosity Belt - A kid gets busted for making a clock and Republicans try to out-crazy one another in front of an airplane mysteriously parked in library.
17: tainted with late-season bitterness - Nursing a hangover with bean glurp and flooring.
18: vibe is more suburban - Removing carpet and laying tile in Gretchen's library.
19: my hooked screwdriver tool - I used it to install faux wood planks.
20: Flying Squirrel jam - An infant Flying Squirrel changes the trajectory of my day.
21: Flying Squirrel happy ending - That little guy is no longer my problem, though there are other problems down in the basement, some easier to fix than others.
22: timing jumper cables - Several unrelated electronics projects, including one that begins with Gretchen drowning her MP3 player.
23: hot burrito at Alebrijes - Celebrating the return of our friend Carrie from Los Angeles at the new Mexican restaurant in Kingston.
24: seven segment readability - Our brains seem to process digits in that form more readily than digits in a proper font.
25: disarticulation - I discover that someone hasn't appreciated my recent trail articulation efforts. Also, a first approximation at an Ahmed Mohamed clock.
26: tiny digits - Fun with characters on a Max7219.
27: white vans and a blood moon - Watching YouTube videos with a hangover and then watching the moon turn red in the earth's shadow.
28: something as simple - Even digital clocks require real thought to get their interfaces right.
29: the downside of cheap - Tests seem to demonstrate that some of the memory on a cheap knock-off Arduino board is much slower than it should be.
30: not the drummer for Def Leppard - I see a guy missing an arm in the Home Depot. And heavy rains from last night cause indoor flooding.