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Saturday, September 12 2015
It seems Leopold the Frog pulled a Throckmorton the Loon on us, disappearing sometime in the night and leaving us nothing but three or four of his fecal nebulæ in the pool.

I went back and forth between web work and continued work in the basement preparing the slab to accept new flooring (though mostly all I did today was spray water on the portland-cement-filled divots). I was also disappointed by the quality of the finish on the south wall, which looked patchy. So I thought maybe I could fix it by blending a thin layer of more wall material over it. But, what with the fibers embedded in it, that stuff is impossible to thin beyond a certain amount.
Gretchen went out this evening with Susan, David, and Sarah the Vegan to see the Paul Green Rock Academy's students perform hits from Motown. I might've gone, but I was feeling like I had a lot of things to get done, and I wasn't excited about the restaurant choice they had in mind: the Little Bear Chinese restaurant (I would have preferred Catskill Mountain Pizza).
Without going out tonight, a little time opened up for me to do something creative, so I made a small painting of a magical seahorse.

This evening a heavy rain began to fall and it came down steadily for many hours, eventually flooding the greenhouse excavation all the up to its drainage pipe for the first time in months.

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