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Sunday, September 13 2015
After applying some last-minute additional patches of portland cement on the basement slab, I began to lay down the vinyl tile. It comes in slabs each 59 inches by a little over 9 inches wide, and, since it needs no adhesive or special tools, it goes down fast in places where it encounters no edges. Where it needed to be cut to accommodate walls, I used a utility knife to score and break the tiles. Of course, that only works for straight lines. When I had to cut out more complicated shapes, a pair of tin snips seemed to work okay. By this evening, I'd managed to tile about two thirds of the main guest room as well as most of the hallway to the foot of the stairs. The hallway used up the bulk of my tile-cutting efforts with its seemingly-unnecessary number of acute and obtuse angles. I also had to let one tile spill into Gretchen's library, which I have kept closed for the past several weeks after it started reeking of cat urine. It actually somehow smells worse in there than it did when I first closed the door. Gretchen only wants me to rip out half of its carpet, but it's possible the half she doesn't want me to rip out got pissed on too. Worse still, it's possible that cats started pissing on the many books in there. Cats are horrible little creatures, yet something about them demands that we love them.

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