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Thursday, September 17 2015
After work at the literacy center and jail today, Gretchen drove east on I-90 to Cambridge to visit her childhood friend Dina, leaving me alone to nurse the hangover from last night. Knowing I would have to fend for myself for the next several days, this evening I made a big pan of bean glurp, which I wrapped in whole wheat tortillas to make burritos. It was delicious, even when the lettuce from the garden was tainted with late-season bitterness.
Down in the basement, I nearly finished the hallway, leaving a tiny piece only about half the size of dollar bill. By this point I'd started cheating, using strips without clip-together ends to fill in very narrow pieces of floor along the hallway's west wall. In one case, I actually carved a piece of flooring so that a thin piece of woodgrain would project out over a female clip-end for which I had no male counterpart. Once you start doing things like this, all sorts of scrap become available for use, negating the demand to cut narrow strips out of virgin tiles.
This evening, with nothing else to do, I went into Gretchen's library and moved nearly everything to its northern half so as to clear the southern half for carpet removal. The carpet in that library is a deep blue shag that Gretchen is loathe to remove, but she's decided the southern half has to go because that was the section that cats have been routinely pissing in since her foolish decision to foster a clowder of kittens there back in the middle aughts.

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