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   April 2017

01: why we weren't getting our rent checks - A tenant suddenly explains the slow rent checks: supposedly she now has stage IV cancer.
02: spring peepers 2017 - I hear them from the wetlands near the Tibetan Center.
03: why do people have to be assholes? - More trouble with the neighbors of the Brewster Street house. And Gretchen pays the price for automotive cellphone use.
04: Charles behind the toilet - The new cat slowly adjusts to his new home. And Gretchen watches a horrifying movie inspired by George Orwell's most famous book.
05: multigenerational Trisomy 21 research - Things discussed with Ray while the others walk the dogs.
06: more of a creationist - Another urine flood, and expressing a fundamental workplace disagreement.
07: Piggy the painting - Birthday preperations on Dug Hill Road.
08: completely normal for cats - Ad hoc convoy to an afternoon party and then early to bed with the new cat Charles.
09: snake on a wooden floor, tryst in the park - A warm day in April means Neville is back to working in the bookstore.
10: tomato paste run - The first really warm day of the year coincides with a need for the elements of matzo pizza.
11: a good deal to flush that turd - Initiating the eviction of a non-paying tenant. And checking the progress of the Brewster Street house.
12: sad-looking everything bagel - Despite my best intentions, another power outage sends me to Panera, a vegan desert.
13: yellow fever vaccine goose chase - It's not easy preparing for a future tropical vacation. And Charles gradually finds a way to fit in with all the other cats.
14: wanton display of fearlessness - Celeste isn't frightened by a three legged Puerto Rican.
15: bones of contention - A deer skeleton causes a skirmish in West Hurley Park and continues causing trouble at home.
16: Plattekill washing machine errand - A drive on a beautiful mid-April day.
17: like it had been patched with Bubble Yum - Managerial bullshit and cleaning up that old washing machine.
18: rolling an ancient washing machine upstairs - When it starts falling apart, we finally have a way to get it rolling.
19: not strongly greenish in color. - Less copper in the bathtub and scanning with a printer that allows me to even though I don't maintain its ink levels.
20: a jab in a windowless office - What I finally had to do to get a yellow fever vaccination.
21: highly-affordable nostalgia. - A cool old calculator that doesn't really work from the thrift store.
22: Serrano & Science - A roadtrip up to Albany in Trumpian times.
23: grassy turds and bursty radiation - What the dogs have been eating and a view of the high energy particles passing through.
24: incomprehensible by design - Fucking health care in this damn country! Also watching the movie Kedi.
25: two people simultaneously - Listening to podcasts while writing software.
26: liver still good - I don't get any Adderall, but at least my drinking hasn't badly injured the largest organ in my body.
27: treefall in gnat season - I wonder why there is a state trooper walking around on the road in front of the house.
28: server repairs paired with a refreshing Friday beverage - Late in the day, I solve another small server crisis, this time with a glass of scotch in my hand.
29: not much life in a West Hurley woodchuck - Ramona kills the poor thing in record time.
30: rediscovering Rick Springfield - A movie recommended by colleagues sends me on a weird YouTube safari.