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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Years Neville The Room Citizen Kane Black Mirror Ramona Gunther Shark Tank Garden Cafe Angeles Vincente West Hollywood Starbucks LAX Newark NJ

February - Indian Slackers Slacker Ridge Saugerties SSDs China Microsoft Irish Mirrorish Google Uber Pool Bismol Los American Mammals Marco Polo Bowl Bay

March - Center Janet Paltz New Jersey Route Cat Nicholas Taleb Sundays Walter White Italian POW Germany WWI Spring Atlantic Budapest Osijek

April - Ukranian Venice Vylkove Romanian Sea Danube Bulgaria Sad Serbian Hungary Gretch Jessika Dog Bard Tibetan Wild Country Tube NY Clarence SMB

May - Kitten Mayo Catskills Slavs Diane Fritos Diner Peter Home Depot Subaru Rite Tecate

June - Poughkeepsie Pot Organization Mexico Family Circus Mexican Carmen Comet Castle Queens Road Kennedy Donald Trump

July - Coach Plague Deep Screaming Females George Gerswhin Susan David ADD BiteClub Javascript React Ray Nancy Glue Great Barrington Wilson Brian DVD Terminator

August - Adirondacks Twenty Ninth Pond EqualizerAPO Windows Buddhists X

September - Hudson Valley Vegan Hook Farm Festival Theranos Millennial York Toronto C Googling Chewy Blasey Ford Kavanaugh

October - TypeScript Angular Sanctuary Chelsea ShopRite Mercy For Animals PAC Delgado Natalie Merchant Draft Sarah Pat Strong Trump OS

November - Kenmore Lowes DA Epson Dave Ramsey Lutron Prius Hill Howard Kunstler Kremlin Node Brooklyn Bohemian Rhapsody Electron Car Seat Headrest

December - Stewarts Pit Bull English R King Mall SD Pi Jewish Christmases Day Bearsville AndMe