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Friday, February 15 2019

location: Casa Trogon, Agua Vista Lodging, Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

When I got out of bed this morning, that bicolored hawk was back, but he or she vanished by the time I had my camera. The one good bird picture I managed to take was of what I identified to be a female baird's trogon, which is not supposed to be present on the Nicoya Peninsula. Later in the day I would take some not-great photos of a vibrantly-colored male painted bunting (the first I'd ever seen of that species, though it also can be seen in the coastal plain of the East Coast of the United States).
While Gretchen and I were both in the plunge pool in the mid-morning, I happened to look up at the ceiling to the place where Wanda the Albino Bat had been during our first few days at the casita, and there she was again! She'd been somewhere else for a couple weeks but had decided to return. Happily nothing bad had happened to her.
Soon after Gretchen left for language class (she would hike all the way down the gorge and then walk all the way back on the Montezuma road), I started feeling discomfort in my lower gut. I was worried for a time that I'd gotten some tropical intestinal complaint, perhaps from contaminated water or last night's salad. But within an hour or so it had passed and I was able to fix myself a glass of orange juice spiked with rum. I only had one, and it didn't interfere with my work, which I can finally report is going well. Today I fixed a relatively minor bug that was jamming up the works with some test data. I'm starting to feel like I really understand this app that I've migrated. I should mention, by the way, that I managed to figure out how to package it into a transportable directory that can be placed on any Windows machine and run, which is one of the goals of this project.
Today was also the day that Donald J. Trump decided to declare a national emergency at the Mexican border in hopes of diverting appropriated funds to his pet project, the building of a wall along that border, his hoped-for monument to ethnic hatred and the being, as Melania would put it if she had a shred of self-awareness, worst. One would think that declaring an emergency to accomplish a big multi-year project after failure to get funding using the Constitutionally-provided mechanisms would be inherently unconstitutional. But, given what terrible human beings some of its members are, who is to say what the present Supreme Court will decide? The silver lining to such a ratcheting towards authoritarianism is knowing that the approval of such a thing would create a precedent for a future black president to unilaterally respond to actual emergencies such as global warming or the student debt crisis that has placed a generation in indentured servitude.

Our casita is isolated from most of the rest of Agua Vista, so Gretchen and I can spend a fair amount of our time completely naked. Today, though, as I rested by zoom-lens-equipped Nikon camera against my naked crotch in preparation for some bird to appear in front of the moon (which is now a waxing gibbous), the lens decided to move, slurping up a bit of loose penis skin into a narrow gap. It was a funny enough predicament for me to have Gretchen come over to look. But then I feared I might not easily be able to extricate myself. I kept tugging but I was hopelessly stuck. In that moment, if forced to choose between my camera and my penis, I'm not sure which side I would've come down on. As the camera began throwing errors about how it couldn't move the way it thought it should be able to, I pulled the lens out with some force, and managed to pull my skin free without any last damage to either my penis or my camera.
This evening Gretchen made spaghetti (well, more of that bucatini mixed with whole wheat spaghetti). She was so satisfied with her sauce (which contained mushrooms, canned tofu, and red wine) that she said it was the best she'd ever had. This caused me to wonder how she will ever be able to replicate such success when we return to Hurley, where the tofu does not come in cans.

The female baird's trogon. Click to enlarge.

Wanda the Albino Bat, who may or may not be albino, as she looked today. Click to enlarge.

Wanda from another angle. Click to enlarge.

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