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   parrots and toucans
Friday, February 22 2019

location: Casa Trogon, Agua Vista Lodging, Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

The large troop of coatimundis (this morning I think I counted eleven) came through this morning. And then later in the day a three-member coatimundi troop came through. At some point Gretchen noticed that Wanda the Albino Bat was back hanging from the ceiling of our "living room." The latest thinking on Wanda is that she is not an albino but is instead a species of white bat, probably a ghost bat. Wanda was more active today, and I managed to catch her in the act of yawning and stretching. She did these things in the mid-afternoon, hours before she eventually left (after dark).
It being the Friday of our last full week in Costa Rica, it felt like things were winding up at the casita. It was Gretchen's last day of Spanish class and in my remote workplace, Alex finally tested my Electron app running off a share (he had a lot to complain about but it was progress).
The animals gave me something of a last-Friday spectacle too. At first it came in the form of normal events like visitations by coatimundis, appearances of the agoutis, and a small persistent flock of foraging tanagers (I think they were western tanagers in their drab winter plumage).
Then later in the afternoon, the "Costa Rican airforce" flew over in the form of several green parrots. Such parrots never stick around long enough to be photographed, except today they landed in a tree about 100 feet to the east, where I was able to get a good photo using my telephoto lens.
As I was still processing those photos, I happened to see a pair of toucans from where I was in the bedroom. So I grabbed my camera and followed them around the yard. I was completely naked at the time, and this was how Gretchen found me when she drove in after her day of class. The toucans were still visible at the time and Gretchen got a chance to see them. They were a member of a small toucan species, perhaps the Collared Aracari.
This evening Gretchen made spaghetti with red sauce, hoping to use up stray items in the kitchen. One of those items was a jar of pickled cocktail onions, which were pretty good with everything else that was going on (chick peas, capers, faux chicken, onions, etc.), although I was the only one adding the cocktail onions to my spaghetti.

Wanda the Albino Bat was seen yawning a few times today.

This squirrel is fairly tame.

Parrots have been flying overhead and squawking but never landing. Tonight, though, a pair landed about 100 feet away and I got some photos.

A pair of toucans showed up this evening as Gretchen was getting home from her last day of Spanish class.

I think this might be the Collared Aracari.

Not the colors people usually think of when they picture a toucan.

So ridiculous from this angle.

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