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Sunday, November 3 2019
It was another frosty morning, with (in comparison to yesterday morning) a somewhat thicker glaze of ice on outdoor containers of water. I took advantage of the sunny day to extract the bean bag from where it was soaking in the greenhouse well, ultimately hanging it in the otherwise-unused basketball hoop to drain and be disinfected by the sun. After a couple dryer sessions, it smelled a lot better than it had, but it still stunk if you got your nose in close enough.
I made a couple forays down the Stick Trail today, mostly for the purposes of gathering firewood. A white ash killed by the emerald ash borer had snapped off in the Halloween windstorm and landed right where the Stick Trail fords the Chamomile. I ended up cutting up and bringing home one and a half backpack loads of that wood, which was dry enough for immediate burning. Though I mostly consider the stone wall "finished" (since it's late in the season and I've depleted the supply of nearby rocks), I nonetheless took the opportunity to add a few more stones, including a large boulder (which I easily rolled down from the base of a massive white pine about forty feet uphill) to its eastmost end.
This evening I made a big pot of chili using most of the usual ingredients except mushrooms and tempeh (the latter of which I replaced with Nasoya tofu, Gretchen's least-favorite brand, figuring its shortcomings would be lost in the mix). It ended up being about as good as usual.
As I was going to bed tonight, Gretchen reported that she had evidence that her website had actually been hacked. She'd been told it had been hacked in the past, but it always looked fine to us. It turned out that the "hack" was only visible if one clicked on her website when it came up in a list of a search engine results. Further investigation revealed that the site had indeed been hacked. Someone had managed somehow to put an .htaccess file and a .php file in her site's webroot, and this was redirecting visitors from Google to a page offering cialis and other dubious web-only products. (I wonder how many sales of cialis result from people whose attempts to visit the homepage of a poet are hijacked.) I fixed the problem by keeping the .htaccess file in the webroot but stripping it of the hijacking code. I also made it read-only. My hope is that whatever Apache vulnerability was exploited to get that file there doesn't have the juice to overwrite a read-only file. I also deleted not one but two unfamiliar PHP scripts ('brvobmor.php' and 'fusing-droughts.php') dating to early October. Since the server credentials for that site are pretty-much unguessable, I'm not concerned that a hacker has true FTP or SFTP access. There're using some exploit that I don't have enough time (or, because it's shared hosting on, access) to correct. I'll just have to check it periodically to see if it's gone from promoting Gretchen's poetry career to selling penis pumps or debt consolidation. (All that being said, had I seen an ad for adderall, I probably would've clicked on it.)

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