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   December 2020

01: the neighbors learn the name of the creek - Gretchen shows our neighbors the way through the nearby forest.
02: triumph of a water pick - My dental hygienist remarks on how clean I've been able to keep my teeth.
03: car thefts real and imagined - Our old college friend comes over to drop off locally-produced rice. And Powerful has a scare at the Ghettoford.
04: no-caffeine work day - Not that this helped my productivity.
05: dogs on Zoom - Chatting with some of our most vigilantly-quarantining friends.
06: cutouts and fingers designed to foil people - They're not just in GreenWorks and Black & Decker tools, they're also in Panasonic phones.
07: mouse wants to stay in the trap - I try to release him or her just outside the house, figuring he or she never wanted to be in the house to begin with.
08: pro-raw talking points that verged on woo - Powerful makes a Mexican meal from the raw-foods perspective.
09: people maskless in public - Meanwhile, coronavirus is spiking once again in southern New York.
10: completely in keeping with the plot so far - My brother Don makes a rare call to tell me about his somewhat dire situation living with our demented mother.
11: killing a circuit breaker - I didn't even know this was possible, but perhaps water intrusion can cause this.
12: house factory not in Westchester - Also eating indoors at another mostly-empty Indian restaurant.
13: sketchy people on Brewster Street - Naturally the sketchiest people in the neighborhood are living in my rental unit.
14: this week's salvaged wood is burning better - Compared to the salvaged wood from last week.
15: here comes the news lull - Now that the people who matter have accepted Joe Biden's victory, the news is starting to get a bit boring.
16: Neville chews on a deer head in the cold - But eventually he decides to come inside.
17: blizzard, 2020 - Kingston doesn't do a great job of plowing after a big snow.
18: heavier than a slate-colored junco - There aren't many places for the cats to go in the deep snow.
19: Beethoven's 250th birthday - Also, Powerful's final project for his online vegan cooking class.
20: ugly American treasure hunters - Gretchen and I watch a bad reality show together.
21: white ash tempeh - Living fungus in the wood pile. Also, slow work with a large data set.
22: impossible head cold - How can I catch a cold when I'm staying safe in a global pandemic? Maybe it's just diphenhydramine addiction.
23: the only one who really knows - Sometimes I can still feel indispensible even at this workplace.
24: Christmas Eve 2020 - It's warm and rainy and Gretchen has us making personal pizzas again.
25: Pandemic Jewish Christmas - Chinese take-out and a Bittorrent Melissa McCarthy movie.
26: 14 year olds getting more familiar with scotch - A leisurely Boxing Day Saturday.
27: white-ash half trees - Those killed by the emerald ash borer like to break off about 30 feet above the ground.
28: Neville's skeleton - He trades it for a small piece of bone.
29: winter-weather socializing - We successfully socialize at a neighbor's fire pit in true winter conditions.
30: long day of importing - Also, a cheap laptop for another former prisoner.
31: pandemic New Year's Eve - Burgers and fries in a closed-down store.