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Friday, December 18 2020
Powerful went somewhere in the Prius today but wasn't gone long. When he returned, he managed to return it almost exactly to where it had been. There was now a gap between the snow and the car on two sides, but it was less than two inches. We'd warned him about conditions in Kingston, so I think he might've only gone as far at the Stewarts in Old Hurley.
I went another day with zero caffeine intake, and it worked okay, although I had trouble with motivation. I'm definitely going through a phase of that right now.
On some level, all I really wanted to do was shovel more snow, though there was none left to do. Yesterday afternoon I'd even shoveled out a path to the brownhouse that I could comfortably walk just wearing Crocs. All the cats have been out in the it, but there aren't many places for them to go that don't involve bounding through deep fluffy snow (it has yet to develop a crust capable of supporting creatures heavier than a slate-colored junco).
I hadn't been out of the bath long when Gretchen returned from Woodstock with takeout from the Garden Café. She'd gotten me the veggie quesadillas, which is my favorite thing they have. I think she got Powerful a burger and she'd gotten all of us chickpea & kale soup. (I added a drop of Dave's Insanity Sauce to mine, and made it a bit too spicy.

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