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Wednesday, December 23 2020
I awoke this morning and did some queries on the tax build I'd imported from last night. At that point I realized the joins I'd been doing to test my build had led me to think the import was succeeding when it hadn't been. There might've been many proper ways to fix the problem, but the fastest fix I could come up with was to temporarily hardcode some exceptions to the usual import protocol. This caused the import to go well, though of course something managed to screw up the import, which I then had to fix via a series of SQL queries. But after that, the import seemed good, and my boss and the new guy overseeing the tax department stopped being so frustrated with me. After that, I didn't really have to much else on the last workday before Christmas. It feels good to be the only one who really knows how to do an essential task for one's employer.
All this didn't prevent me in going down other rabbit holes. For the first time in years I went through the drawer containing what I thought to be working ISA cards. There are some Hercules and CGA video cards in there, along with a fair number of audio cards. I was intrigued by a SoundBlaster card with two SIMM slots on it. But on closer inspection I saw a telling crater in one of the DIP chips. I couldn't tell exactly what the number of the chip was, since the crater had taken out some of that, but it was something like "TDA__7P/ YSH___2 2" (with the underscores where the missing digits were). I think that chip is some sort of audio amplifier, meaning it should be easy to replace should I ever really find a use for this card. [It's obviously a TDA1517P, which is a stereo power amplifier.]

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