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   April 2021

01: old KVM cables - I don't even use KVMs any more, and yet their cables form much of the rat's nest at my feet.
02: so many orphan phone cords - Also, powering three network devices with a single wall wart.
03: covering the pink - Inter-tenant work at the Wall Street house, followed by pandemic burritos at Chipotle.
04: Powerful tries purple pie - Also, I fix myslf my first boozy drink since January 24th.
05: let her drink Cherry Coke - My brother worries about our mothers' diabetes.
06: low wall around the Downs Street washing machine - I don't want it falling over and dumping water all over the basement floor ever again.
07: early spring greenhouse sleepover - Taking drugs and drinking booze on my own and then getting some me time in the underused greenhouse.
08: Pfiser shot #2 - Coronavirus immunity followed by grocery shopping at Target and Crazy Bowlz.
09: Core i5 is often still the best processor deal - I take delivery of a ten year old processor to use in contemporary computing.
10: perfect weather in the Adirondacks - We visit our lakeside parcel to work out the siting of our house.
11: late symptoms of the coronavirus vaccine? - I get super sleepy and Gretchen vomits four times.
12: a use for dirty paint thinner - A polyurethane success at the Wall Street house.
13: rent in Kingston - Bad news for our worst tenant. And my headless development computer gets more memory.
14: full laptop control - Once I make a great computer, similar ones should all start as clones of that one.
15: clutter on the laboratory steps - A brief inventory of the things that tend to end up there, just before I clean it away.
16: unsatisfying ending of Save Yourselves - A movie Gretchen and I watch starts out pretty good. Also, tinkering with a semi-broken graphing calculator.
17: the perfect birdhouse for Raspberry Pi bird photography - It's steel, meaning I can mount random things to it with magnets. Also, I start growing some cannabis.
18: impact of an impact wrench - After dealing with rusty bolts in the Subaru's brake system, I understand fully why this is an important tool in any garage.
19: case of the mondays - Trying to make sense of code developed by an outsourcing team.
20: Derek Chauvin verdict - Thus Impossible Burgers for dinner.
21: puddle of paint technique - A good use for a gallon of paint whose pigments have formed large clots at the bottom.
22: taking our immune systems for a test drive I - But it was too late for the restaurant we wanted to test ours in.
23: taking our immune systems for a test drive II - Sitting in a crowded restaurant for the first time in over a year.
24: tricky game of being hostile - Visiting the Brewster Street house after a series of email games from our worst tenant.
25: deepest laboratory storage - Where the 68000 Macs and empty bottles of Evan Williams end up.
26: such an autodidact - At least there's a hot bath at the end of the day.
27: there is nothing with worse karma than a cat - I see a dead cat on Frank Sottile Blvd. while looking for hardware storage bins.
28: Moderna and the spleen - It's possible Powerful's vaccine caused a problem with an organ in his belly.
29: prism-shaped spaces - Custom storage in a garage attic.
30: two storage tables and a power outage - A tree falling on the power line can't keep me from using power tools.