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   spontaneous dinner at the Garden
Sunday, January 8 2023
After the usual Sunday morning routine, Gretchen went off to walk with Eva somewhere and I went out with my backpack and the big saw to a place in the forest little farther afield from my usual haunts west of the Farm Road and found some good dry wood to salvage. I cut enough for two backpack loads, but I only brought one home. The day was sunny but significantly colder than it has of been of late, though it was actually a little warmer than the average for this time of year. The sun even managed to heat up the water in the hot water tank enough for Gretchen to get a hot shower despite the fact that out current tankless water heater (the one I recently flushed with hydrochloric acid) isn't able to successfully heat water from well temperature to a comfortable shower temperature at a rate that makes for a good shower.

This evening Gretchen suddenly and unexpectedly said that she wanted to go get dinner at the Garden Café, and I said sure, let's go. She'd been wanting to go out somewhere since Friday night, but the motivation never materialized until tonight. The Garden was fairly crowded when we arrived (at around 6:30pm) but had nearly emptied out by the time we left at around 7:30pm. I ordered a cup of the mushroom cream soup (which was good comfort food for a cold evening) and the reliably-meh black bean burrito. I also ordered a glass of red wine, the first alcohol I'd consumed in 2023. As for Gretchen, her whole reason for choosing the Garden tonight was that she was craving their potatoes. We ended our meal with decaf coffee and chocolate cake for Gretchen and a double espresso for me. (I wanted to be a little caffeinated so I could zoom through some procrastinated workplace work later this evening.)
Back home on Hurley Mountain, I dove as best I could into that procrastinated workplace work (which concerned a system of thresholds related to the processing of filed taxes), but I mostly found it befuddling. I arrived at a few insights, but I didn't accomplish as much as I'd hoped and I was wondering what yarn I was going to have to spin at tomorrow's standup.


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