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Friday, January 27 2023
At noon today I went down the Stick Trail with my big battery-powered chainsaw to the west end of the stone wall and there I cut down a smallish (and very dry) dead tree. I'm not sure what species it was, but it wasn't an oak and it was hollow for much of its height. This wasn't enough wood for a full backpack, so I also cut up a small fallen red maple that had had ample time to dry.
I ended up having a fairly normal (that is, procrastinatory) Friday in the remote workplace, though in the mid afternoon I rallied to fix an embarrassing bug detected by QA.
At the end of the workweek, I quickly painted a silouhette of a raven based on a photo posted by our friend Chrissy, the corvid whisperer who used to live in a beautiful Victorian mansion in Kingston but who now lives in a semi-rural house near Saugerties.
Meanwhile Gretchen had secretly prepared a noodlebake using a kind of pasta that resembled mattress springs. We hadn't had a noodlebake in months, perhaps not in more than a year. I always get excited about noodlebake and have a little song I sing about it. It's a song that Gretchen knows well and sings along with me.

Today's painting.

I changed my Facebook cover picture today. It consists of a mix of Neville in painted and photographed poses. Click to see the whole thing.

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