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   January 2024

01: not tolerating spongy moth egg masses - I scrape off most of the ones I see, even though I know that doing so doesn't kill all the eggs.
02: Catskill: full of surprises - Gretchen has hours to kill in and around Coxsackie and I get a brace for my injured left shoulder.
03: two bookstore dogs - I leave Neville and Charlotte for an hour or so at the bookstore while at a dental appointment.
04: how I will route the new split's refrigerant pipes - Maximizing indoor runs makes for a more efficient system.
05: going to have to up my roofing game - There are even more leaks at the Downs Street mansion.
06: delayed by having to apply a patch that doesn't even work - But the hydronic loop affected is mostly abandoned, so I don't worry about it too much.
07: Eleanor-related content in Beacon - An a Dutchess County SPCA event at the Town Crier.
08: clearly not stoned - Gretchen had an idea for why the chili I made this evening was especially good.
09: laparoscopic electrical wires - I even had to push my bad left shoulder to the painful limits of its range of motion, but in the end I got the romex for the new split circuit into the boiler room.
10: Neville brings home a black box - Somehow he finds a trap designed to poison rats.
11: bald eagles on the ground - On a rare trip back from the Tibetan Center thrift store, I see them out in the field. Also, a painting of a magic hippo.
12: split pipes reach the outdoors - Though not without a struggle and mishaps. Also, looking at paintings by Paul Klee.
13: fruitless hunt for cherry pie - We go out to a diner to celebrate the near-completion of the split installation project and do not get the cherry pie.
14: Hoagie's 87th birthday - We buy and eat a cherry pie while off in Virginia my mother celebrates her birthday with shrimp.
15: flakey light in the living room - Also, I buy my third flaring tool.
16: tomato breadcrumb soup - It's not very good. But I paint another painting on this snowy day.
17: macaroni made from lupini beans - It's a product best used as vegan dog food.
18: for want of the right tool to bend a pipe - I could find no appropriate tools after an extensive search.
19: multi-person birthday celebration - The birth of Gretchen and a number of more famous people are celebrated at a small bookstore in High Falls.
20: like a Nigerian romance scam - The ever-elusive conclusion of the mini-split installation project continues to elude.
21: for want of the right tool to bend a pipe - I could find no appropriate tools after an extensive search.
22: DIY split installation success - Though it's possible there is a tiny leak in one of the flare fittings.
23: when a mini-split defrosts - It turns out that they use indoor heat to melt away the accumulated condensed ice on their outdoor radiators.
24: a tight ship at the Hurely transfer station - You have to have your paperwork in order and it's no longer a good place for off-leash dogs.
25: at a recording of The Late Show - Seeing Colbert for the third time.
26: one thing our medical system is good at - Our medical system is only good at keeping miserable old people alive. And a cable-modem-provided landline doesn't really give you what a landline is supposed to.
27: the additional mental overhead of self-selected pronouns - I consider myself a progressive, but the additonal protocolic overhead is exhausting and even somewhat ridiculous.
28: snow microclimate on Hurley Mountain - The road looked treacherous as we left our house to go to a dinner party, but it was just a boring rainy evening a couple hundred feet down the hill.
29: trans-friendly Turkish pronouns - Evidently there are no pronoun headaches for the trans in Turkey (and many other countries without gendered pronouns).
30: nostalgia for my earlier life as a cowboy electrician - Opening up electrical boxes as a form of procrastination.
31: deeper learning with ChatGPT - Tutorials often skip over the things I feel I need to know, and there are a lot of these when dealing with a Javascript framework. Fortunately ChatGPT is patient and tireless.