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   March 2024

01: the basics of comedy - I explain to my brother Don why he's unlikely to make a career out of telling Alexei Novalny jokes, at least any time soon.
02: unexpectely familiar with an obscure Stravinsky ballet - We see, among other things, a performance of Pulcinella at the Woodstock Playhouse.
03: Gretchen begins volunteering at an abortion charity - She spends most of the day making sure women of marginal means get the money they need to carry through on their abortions.
04: a somewhat better way to loan money to friends - Fill out some paperwork so at least you can declare the loss when it's inevitably not repaid.
05: a moderately expensive toilet - And letting Charlotte run around off-leash at the Home Depot.
06: fiefdom on Brewster - A familiar dynamic has re-emerged at our Brewster Street rental property.
07: impressive flushes - Our new Kohler toilet seems like a winner.
08: End Times Christians and pre-Columbian Aztecs - Both their world views depends on the value of human blood sacrifice.
09: the Gloversville Price Chopper - The scariest grocery store customers I've seen so far.
10: solving a tricky microcontroller problem - Snowed in an additional night, I attack a lingering problem with the hotspot watchdog system.
11: enough for an all-wheel drive - Almost being trapped another day at the cabin.
12: not the worst customer at the Hurley vet today - I force a redo of my prescription for Neville, but at least I don't threaten to get a gun.
13: inhaling moth eggmass hairs - They're a mild lung irritant, it turns out.
14: keeping Neville away from the cabinet guy - Neville supposedly bit him once in the past and he understandably doesn't want to relive that experience.
15: small-scale music show - Gretchen, Fern, and I see Marty Bush.
16: another custom wine label - Based on a goofy image posted to a Facebook group.
17: plans for the eclipse - At Nancy's birthday dinner with six humans and five dogs.
18: another short collar tie - A structure to hang a ceiling fan from at the cabin. Also, monitoring falling temperatures at the cabin.
19: visiting the cabin without dogs - On a cabin trip caused by a blast of cold arctic air.
20: remote control with an ESP8266 - From server to microcontroller, I get enough code written to turn on a relay.
21: recreational fleeing - Getting remote control working at the cabin. Also, an imperfect story slam in Woodstock.
22: remote control anxiety - I clearly need to improve the reliability of the cabin's remote control system.
23: the end of a multi-day ceiling fan installation - Normally a ceiling fan only takes a couple hours to install, But this one had some tricky things about it.
24: evidence of an avalanche - A foot of snow on the Adirondack cabin's solar panels keep them from collecting more than a handful of watts until something dramatic happens.
25: multi-sensor support - I continue to add to the flexibility of my ESP8266-based sensor-and-remote-control platform.
26: freezer cleanout burrito - Also, I find an unexpected new house in the forest.
27: pizza dough cheat - I just bought it at Adams.
28: dogs react to 'Dogs' - Even through the MP3 compression, Charlotte and Neville recognize their own.
29: Charlotte and a shrew - She's an unusually kind dog. Also, continuing with my remote control wiring.
30: remote-controlling three things - After a massive push, success with controlling the boiler, the hot water heater, and an outlet into which I can plug a space heater.
31: a certain cosmic justice - A bear exacting revenge on Ramona from beyond the grave.