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Thursday, March 7 2024
Our friend Anna would be coming up from Brooklyn today to stay a couple days, so Gretchen went to Adams Fairacre Farms to get some produce and various goodies (including two pies and a vegan bacon made with fungus). She then wanted to prepare a dinner of peanut noodles, but soon after that I turned off the house's water supply. I was swapping out the 21 year old American Standard toilet with the new Kohler one, and everything had gone well until I tried turning off the little valve that supplies cold water to the flush tank. I couldn't turn it off all the way and it kept dribbling at an impressive rate, forcing me to turn off the household water and replace the valve. But when I went to solder in the new valve, I ran out of MAPP gas, something that happens maybe once every four or five years at the rate I use it. So we had no water while I made an emergency run to Herzog's to get another tank (while out, I also got a half gallon of gin for the laboratory liquor cabinet). Once I got home, it only took me a couple minutes to solder the new valve and get the water running again. I was still installing the toilet when Anna arrived, though I was mostly done. Unfortunately, the hose I had to connect the tank to the water supply was too short for the new toilet, so all I could do was experimentally fill the tank with the assblaster hose and flush that way. The flushes from this new toilet were much more effective than the ones with the old toilet had been. (The old toilet had gotten to the point where flushes wouldn't happen at all unless there was a lot of material with a propensity to sink; otherwise the flush would just stir it around a few times.) These mew flushes also used less water (1.28 gallons vs. 1.6 gallons for the old toilet).
Once I had my hands clean and had joined the socializing downstairs, we had a dinner of peanut noodles, which I spiced up with some extremely hot peppers I'd grown this summer (they'd been dehydrating for months in a ceramic bowl on the kitchen island). Eventually I went upstairs to drink booze and watch YouTube videos while Gretchen and Anna discussed such matters as her brother's mental health challenges.

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