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Saturday, March 16 2024
After the usual Saturday morning routine, I went back to working on my system for remote controlling the cabin. This system is going to require an easily-configurable tool to allow the modification of multiple inter-related tables. I could use my old Tableform system for this, which produces a nice tool set for relational databases of arbitrary complexity. But I've been liking the leaner brand-new system I built for that text-parsing spec project I worked on back in the Fall. Like Tableform, the code is mostly generic, but unlike Tableform, the individual editors still have to be built. But building them mostly consists of creating configuration objects. The advantage is that I have more control over how the editors look and work if I do things that way instead of hoping a completely generic system will do everything I need. So today I just copied the one PHP file (which holds all the code for this newer tooling system) over to my weather project directory and started working on the modifications required to edit the remote-control tables. But it's the kind of work that isn't all that initially rewarding, so when a replacement ceiling fan arrived (for the one that crashed to the living room floor while we were in Portugal), I began unboxing that and testing its components to see if any of them were low voltage (they weren't). I also set up an extension ladder in the living room so I could begin the work of creating a solid attachment for the new fan.
Tomorrow I'd be going to a dinner party at Ray and Nancy's house to celebrate Nancy's birthday, so I wanted to make her a creative present. The plan was to make a ridiculous label for a bottle of wine, put it on de-labeled wine bottle, and give that to Nancy. This had worked great when I'd made a "Dr. Steve Brule Sweetberry Wine" label seven years ago. This time, I wouldn't be referencing any of Nancy's heroes (such as Dr. Steve Brule). At first I tried making a Hip Hop Jesus wine label using a goofy graphic someone had posted to one of the Facebook groups I belong to. But that was a little lame, so eventually I came up with something better, also based on a goofy graphic from a Facebook group. Check it out:

"Unexpected Christian Pinot Grigio." Click to enlarge.

I drove into town to get a big bottle of cheap pinot grigio at JK's Liquor uptown. While in the area, I got some stapled at the Ghettoford Hannaford. I also needed some sort of adhesive to attach the label I made to the bottle. I was thinking rubber cement, but that appears to no longer be sold anywhere because someone thought of children (and decided they shouldn't be getting high on the fumes from it). After looking at the glues available at both Hannaford and Walgreen's, I settled on something called ArtSkills SmartGripMax. Unfortunately, it wasn't too different from Elmer's Glue. The problem with such glue when used as an adhesive for paper is that the paper tends to develop ugly wrinkles. I don't know what product people are supposed to use when gluing paper, since all my skills with respect to that kind of gluing developed back when rubber cement was still something you could buy.

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