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   mid-90s poseur bands
Thursday, May 4 2000 "I employ spies in silver tassels, they never seem that pleased."
(Name the popular rock group which sings these words - no, not Matchbox 20.)

Whoever it was who said Pavement is wrong.
Whoever it was who said Bush is right, but correcting me on the spelling of Matchbook "Twenty" was more information than I really needed.

For all the talk about the mid-90s poseurness of Bush, they're an awfully good band. Other good mid-90s poseur bands include the Foo Fighters, Korn, and, so long as they're only represented by that one song that's receiving lots of airplay these days, Third Eye Blind. It's also important to make sure that the DJ cuts out the gratuitous white boy rap part, as I heard Casey Kasem do about a week ago during his American Top 40 show. This was the longest time I'd tuned in since circa 1980.
There's only one piece of a Limp Bizkit song that does anything for me, and that's in the song "Break Stuff," where the singer's voice goes briefly into a quasi-falsetto. You know, where he says "It's all about the..." It's a moment of pure musical brilliance within the context of that particular song, which otherwise seems to restrict itself to ho-hum issues related to testosterone poisoning.

These are the sorts of issues that concern me in my contented old age. In other news, I enjoy my job, I get along with my boss, and the work I do is engrossing enough to keep me up at night. What's more, I don't fight too much with my girlfriend, I own my own home, and damn it all, my Huffy bicycle still works after a year and half of serving as transportation to various Southern California corporate jobs.

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