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Monday, May 8 2000
Being in debt is the monetary equivalent of the psycho-social concept of having lots of things to get done, except, if we actually paid off our debts with the reliabilty of, say, getting around to being a rock star, well, let's just agree that there'd be no banks. "If I ever get around to it..." indeed.

Tonight Kim and I actually sat down at our dinner table for dinner. The table isn't exactly what I expected Kim to buy for our little dining room. The table is a massive thing with six chairs and looks like it came off the draftstable of a guy who gets paid to design such things. But Kim claims it was supercheap. She suspects the Chinese guys running the store where she bought it are connected in some way to the mob. That's great; it's time this urban monster started revealing the beneficial glitches in its matrix.

(By the way, my old neighbor Scott tells me that those spools of coax in the Adelphia dumpster might be worth hundreds of dollars each.)

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