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Monday, February 19 2001
Ah, President's day, a day to relax and do nothing. I got out of bed at something like 3pm this afternoon. A strong rain was pouring down, causing rivers to flow down the sides of all the streets of West LA.
After a few days of being down, suddenly was up and my email was coming in again. Predictably enough, Gretchen was freaking out because I hadn't responded to any of the emails she'd sent. In the last email she said she couldn't stand it anymore and would be flying out to visit me on February 28th. What with the fucked up email situation and the fact that she'd given me her number, I figured I needed to call her, but my house hasn't had long distance for months so I needed to go get myself a calling card. I walked through the downpour to the little convenience store in the corner plaza where Wellesley meets Santa Monica and bought a $5 card with 100 minutes on it. The man and woman who run that convenience store always seem to have their kids in there with them. They look Pakistani.
I didn't actually reach Gretchen when I called her, I just heard her on the answering machine. I hadn't remembered her voice being so cold, but then again, I hadn't really heard her telephone voice very often.
In the evening she called me and we talked on and on for at least an hour about all sorts of things. Let's see: she has two cats and a dog, she's taking a prescription serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, she has a therapist whom she visits weekly, she's in love with Liz Phair, and she's had numerous fallings out with various friends over the intervening 12 Chinese New Years. After she warmed into the conversation the frost thawed from her voice and she sounded like the Gretchen I remember from the good old days - bitchy, but in the way I like.
I was relieved to learn that Gretchen isn't reading my journal. She'd evidently missed the entry from January 19th (where I mentioned it being her 30th birthday). When the topic of her birthday came up, she was amazed that I remembered the exact date across all these years. After I explained that it was simple to remember because it fell on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, she said she couldn't believe that a person as rational as me would have ever been into astrology. So then I launched into the whole "arbitrary but useful method of communication" explanation you'll find in yesterday's entry.

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