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   difficulty filling his day
Thursday, February 22 2001
Sometimes when I'm sitting on the toilet I sing a little song that goes, "Taking a dump, wumpitty wump..." (sung to "Casey Jones" by the Grateful Dead). I just thought I'd share that.

Another thing: my housemate John has been using the term "finger blasting" a lot lately. is where I've been spending more and more of my time. I'm realizing all of a sudden that my present salary really isn't all that bad when judged against the positions for which I am qualified. Perhaps the dotcom downturn is even affecting whiz bang programmer salaries. Oh well, nothing I can do about; life goes on. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of jobs out there for people who can write text files that execute.
Meanwhile my housemate John has been hired on as cashier in the children's department at the Gap in Santa Monica. In the absence of a regular nine to five job he was finding difficulty filling his day with sufficient things to do, so now he'll be working for eight bucks an hour, supplementing the seventy five dollars an hour he earns as a private tutor. He figures this will be a really good way to meet attractive young women.
In the evening John cooked a sort of curried tofu for Chun, his sister Maria and myself. It was really good; something about the way he prepared the potatoes made them dissolve into and thicken the broth. Survivor was on the teevee of course. After that was over I retreated to my room, leaving the others to socialize downstairs. I'd drunk a lot of tea and their laughter seemed really loud and unneccessary.

If you're like me, you're more than a little nervous and unsure about the news from Windows that a new software update is available. It's not just that the damn thing is going to want to reboot when it's done installing, that's a given, idiotic and unnecessary though it might be. What concerns me more is that after my software is "upgraded," things will be worse than before. Backdoors will be placed in my encryption methods in compliance with the latest anti-espionage laws. I will no longer be able to rip CDs because the Recording Industry of America has experienced success in the courts and made Microsoft agree to disable important CD-copying OS primitives. And if not those legalistic sorts of "improvements," they will be something more systemic: Microsoft Word will no longer default to save in a format that people without the latest version can read, applications will suddenly demand twice the memory they used to require, and mysterious new temp files will begin devouring what little free hard drive space I have on my C: drive. No thank you, I don't want to "upgrade." Fuck you, go away! Paperclip guy, shrivel up and die!

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