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Thursday, September 26 2002

The weather was cool and it rained a lot today. If I was a duck or a goose, I would have been happy, but I was instead just some dude sitting in front of his computer, opening the door for the cats to come and go and then closing it right away to keep out the rain and the chill. It didn't really bother me. I like rain in New York, since there is no other such thorough force acting to keep it clean.
As for our goose, Gunther, the plastic one Gretchen bought years ago at Urban Outfitters, Gretchen decided to put him in the basement so as to elminate some of the household clutter and make our place seem more spacious. We've had two open houses so far and zero offers, so we've had to take some desperate measures. We've dropped the price and been more proactive on asserting this apartment's many charms. In general, the people who traipse through have weak imaginations and cannot visualize what the apartment looks like when it has all its fancy doors (some French, some louvered) in place. So this afternoon I dragged them up from storage in the basement and rehung them. It's amazing how quickly cats take notice of changes in their environment. Even before I had all the screws tight, Edna was reaching through the crack between the wall and one of the French doors, trying to grab me.
In other house-related news, while we were upstate earlier this week, our residential co-op, acting under freshly-elected management, went completely nuts. Now it wants to undertake a bunch of projects, raise the monthly dues, and assess everyone $1500. In the past the co-op has been a casually benign organization that left its residents alone to live their lives in peace, but now it's suddenly acting as if it's a Fortune 500 shooting for profitability. In short, it's a great time to be moving upstate.

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