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   September 2002

01: five second rule - What with the rain, the ground of Prospect Park is nearly clean enough to eat off of.
02: hybrid completely devoid of the joyful - Rainy Labor Day in Brooklyn.
03: aluminum boxed orphan - I'm intrigued by the profound effect testosterone has on human humanity.
04: not-quite - I'm good, but still I feel bad about the thing I get done.
05: under the influence of MP3 music - Walking around in Park Slope, Brooklyn with an MP3 player.
06: off to Cazenovia - Driving north to attend Ray and Nancy's wedding.
07: auspicious aurora - Ray and Nancy are married and then we all see an impressive display of the Aurora Borealis.
08: but I was going 85 - Pulled over on the New York Thruway en route to Kingston.
09: dream house in Hurley - We make an offer on a 4500 square foot house in Hurley, NY.
10: brownstones overflown by helicopters - The day before the first anniversary of 9-11 in Brooklyn.
11: make meaning a non-renewable resource - September 11th's first anniversary.
12: the reincarnation of Clarence the cat - At an Indian restaurant in Park Slope, Gretchen and I talk about the life Clarence is currently having a month or so before he dies and is reincarnated as our black kitten.
13: test your lefty parents - When vicarious lives conflict with political theory. Also, I see a guy with a hairy back in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
14: constant threat of short-notice visits - Prospective buyers keep touring our brownstone while I brush up on practical architecture.
15: avoiding eggs and real estate customers - A successful opening at our brownstone.
16: rabbi at a Yom Kippur break-fast - Gretchen hosts a Yom Kippur break-fast.
17: impromptu dinner in Hell's Kitchen - After not getting into the Daily Show, we hit the streets of Hell's Kitchen.
18: globalize Kelly Clarkson's soul - Globalization and Kelly Clarkson's eternal soul.
19: a dinner option in Park Slope - Lots of restaurants, but nothing that interesting to eat.
20: poisoned by pseudoscience - Enduring ET talk during a show about pyramids.
21: never send back your food - Telling gross restaurant tales at Press in Park Slope.
22: Sally climbs a tree - In Prospect Park along the boat canal, Sally scales a leaning tree.
23: when friends settle down - We drive to Saugerties the night before the Hurley House inspection.
24: freshly-painted neglect - A house inspection in Hurley, a walk through Kingston, and along a river in New Paltz.
25: Wichita Lineman versions - A country Nights in White Satin.
26: aiding buyer imagination - Rehanging doors to make the brownstone seem more valuable.
27: fun with pure oxygen - Gretchen gets her IUD inserted.
28: drinking beer to the point of nausea - A house warming party in Prospect Heights.
29: across Union Street - Incompetence in a Park Slope real estate agency.
30: the repose of a wall of muscle - What's happened to my paunch since I started doing situps.