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Saturday, September 13 2003
Now that we have a full loop of a trail, walking the dogs in the woods has become significantly more interesting. I went around the loop twice today, both times counter-clockwise, starting on the Chamomile Headwaters Trail and returning home on the Stick Trail. Both times, I had all three dogs with me: Sally, Eleanor, and their visitor Suzy. In the woods they fanned out like housewives at a tag sale, occasionally romping around with one another. All three are black and come in three evenly-spaced sizes.
The second time I went around the loop was in the evening, and the light by then was so gloomy that the Stick Trail developed an unexpected pointillistic appearance, with the light-yellow flecks of prematurely-fallen Big Toothed Aspen leaves seeming to define a virtual computer-generated surface floating in mid-air over otherwise spatially-indeterminate brownish-grey gloom.

I have two Windows NT 4.0 machines on my local network and today I thought I'd patch them against the MSBlaster vulnerability. But do you think I could find what patch to apply? Try doing a search for MSBlaster or Blaster on the Microsoft website and see what you get. nothing much. Then go to the Windows NT 4.0 download page and see if any of the descriptions of the patches are even remotely helpful - for example, by mentioning what vulnerability they protect against. They aren't. They all are described as follows:

A security vulnerability has been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise a Windows-based computer and gain complete control over it. You can help protect your computer from this specific vulnerability by downloading this patch.

It's hard enough to keep a machine patched without the manufacturer hiding the patches on its website and acting as if they've never heard of the now-infamous exploits. So my Windows NT 4.0 machines remain unpatched. For now they're behind a firewall, but things are always changing on my network and one day I might use one of these machines to access the internet directly - and then I'll be screwed.

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