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Monday, September 15 2003
I'd had most of my hangover last night, so I didn't feel too bad today, just a little spacey and non-ambitious.
This morning Gretchen and I took a walk down the Stick Trail with both dogs as well as Noah the Cat. We ended up at its farthest end, sitting in the sedges that grows as thick as lawn grass there beneath smallish oak and hickory trees. The sedges are a sea surrounding large islands of moss, which are normally very comfortable to sit on, but today they were still damp from recent rains. There were also big fresh clumps of some sort of medium-sized brownish mushroom that my crappy mushroom books later led me to identify as a sort of Armillaria. It's a sort of catch-all genus for mushrooms that might otherwise go unindentified. [REDACTED]

I had a housecall today at the place where I installed ethernet cables connecting an office in an outbuilding to a farmhouse. Since then, some creature had neatly chewed through the cable as it passed beneath the front porch. As I spliced in a new segment of wire and tucked it away neatly into the catacombs, I figured out what must have happened. Whoever had chewed through this wire had done so intentionally, as a concentrated act of destruction. The wire must have been blocking access to a rodential residence beneath the porch, and the resident, perhaps thinking the wire to be either a branch or a root, chewed through it in an attempt to remove it. I've seen Sally the Dog take such action when confronted with roots intruding upon the shafts of her chipmunk mines.
After I had the wires back in order, I built a wall of stacked bricks across this particular entryway. I assumed that whoever had chewed through the wire the first time would take a pragmatic approach after realizing his obstacle was now something that couldn't simply be chewed through.

a few interesting things I saw today on the web

The Treads of Bradley Fighting Vehicles - war fought American-stylee is frightfully expensive. How do you win against suicide bombers and molotov cocktails?

When Microsoft IT Departments Convert to Linux (and attack) - they struggle to continue doing now-unnecessary workarounds they used to have to do back under the old Microsoft paradigm.

Triumph of Google in a Compulsory License World - if searching for music files ever becomes legal, it will become just another thing Google does best.

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