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Wednesday, September 24 2003
The emerging crisis today was the continuing absence of Noah the Cat. We went out on search parties several times today. The most flamboyant of these happened this evening when we set out with flashlights, accompanied by the dogs Sally and Eleanor as well as Edna the Cat. I even managed to find a strange cat in the woods, but it wasn't Noah.
I also made a poster to be dropped off in neighborhood mailboxes saying that our big fluffy grey cat is missing and if he's found to please call us. Interestingly, Noah is our only animal who always wears a collar bearing complete identifying information. Edna would also wear such a collar, but she eventually manages to detach it in some place where it can't be found.

During the day I managed to hoist up the new gutter system above the back deck. Since I didn't have anyone helping me, I had to use two stepladders and a board with a screw in it to hold everything up while I made the necessary attachments.

The other day I was imagining a really useful utility for an exhibitionist who uses a computer the way I do. It would be a program that scans through all my open browser windows and creates a list of links - a snapshot of the web as it exists on my computer at any one time. I could post that list of links at the bottom of every entry and it would be something of a hybrid between a weblog and a webcam - with the information of the former and the invasiveness of the latter. What would make it even more of a "webcam" would be for there to be a URL you could go to to see the list of URLs from my open browser windows at any given moment. "Surf the web the way the Gus is surfing it right now!" Okay, nobody cares the way I surf the web, but perhaps such a setup would be a great voyeuristic feature of some celebrity's website, particularly given how lame such websites usually are.

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