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Thursday, March 11 2004
A camera arrived today via parcel post to replace the one lost recently in North Hampton, Massachusetts. It's a Canon PowerShot S400, a tiny 4 megapixel camera about the size of my cell phone (which I've had for about three weeks now). I also got a 512 Megabyte memory card for it, because I know the value of excessive camera storage. It's a step toward a future where everything we know or care to experience will be in small device that can take pictures, vouch for our identity, and communicate electromagnetically and acoustically.
This camera is a lot smaller and has more capabilities than my last camera. The most interesting of its additional functions is its ability to shoot three minute video clips with mono audio at VHS resolutions. Interestingly, at $330, it cost $100 less from than it would have cost coming from my preferred discount electronics provider, It's always good to periodically test your assumptions about the deep discounts offered by your favorite discounter.

pictures taken with the new camera

The laboratory.

More laboratory.

A cluster of laboratory disco balls.

Sally in the teevee/map room.

More Sally.

Gretchen in the first floor office.


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