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Thursday, March 25 2004

Regarding G. W. Bush's mismanagement of everything he's been called upon to manage, in keeping with a lifelong trajectory of mismanagement and fratboy "aw shucks, where's the beer?" underachievement, I've been waiting and waiting for the "Have you no shame?" moment. Scott Rosenberg of Salon seems to have identified it in the exhilarating testimony of Richard Clarke before the independent commission tasked to study the 9/11 debacle. Rosenberg's logic makes sense to me.
Richard Clarke isn't the only person on the scene becoming an insta-celebrity for cutting through the bullshit and, for a change, talking sense. I'm also enthusiastically following the "Who Took the God Out, Who Who?" argument before the Supreme Court, the one about the presence of the line "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Unexpectedly, Michael Newdow, the atheist lawyer-plaintiff in the case, has made himself into something of a media superstar, with various publications gushing about his courtroom charisma. One wonders what religious nuts must think of a gentleman with such blasphemous views having this kind of power. I'll bet they think he's actually the Devil, despite the fact that Newdow doesn't believe in the Devil either.
Meanwhile, remember this: more gay couples have been married under the Bush administration than were married under all previous administrations combined. It's as if the Bushies are hapless human hosts in the movie Aliens and progressives are bursting from their bellies without remorse. This administration seems increasingly like a rotten house that needs only a few well-placed kicks before it sends up a groan and fall over in a heap of dust and boards.

I never did get much of a bruise on my right thigh from "falling off that cliff" yesterday morning. I was still somewhat lame today, unable to walk without a limp. My leg hurt the most whenever I bent my knee sharply.

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