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   March 2004

01: KDE and the KKK - It could be my ticket out of Windows, but it's kind of creepy with its spellings.
02: first robins - Primary voting and pirate radio broadcasting on a warm day in early March.
03: the rubric I call special occasions - When I sleep and when I drink booze these days.
04: Clarence masters practical physics and geometry - An arms race to keep our youngest cat out of our oldest cat's private dining room.
05: sweaty dancing to cover tunes at the Mole's Eye - Friday night in Brattleboro, VT.
06: deep hangover nadir - The most psychologically troubling ever.
07: hugging-to-hanging-out - Also - DYI sound-deadening in a Subaru Impreza.
08: nascent spring cruelly snatched away - Yet more snow and calling Verizon about shitty DSL service.
09: leafy greens - A survey of various leaves that passed into my life today.
10: strangers with Vodkatea - Enjoying an old Comedy Central series and experiencing trouble with one of my websites.
11: portable eyebox - I get a new digital camera.
12: habañeros and hairdos - Observations from a dinner at New World Home Cooking.
13: fire below - The day after a particularly spicy meal.
14: Kingston's St. Patrick's Day Parade - And other mid-March adventures.
15: Ides of March - We should have been on guard.
16: relationship with information - How it changes when you can get to it quickly.
17: if I ever got it - I'm sure I had plans for it back when I didn't have it.
18: viruses and the Folly of Man - A world where people only want to pay for the parts of society that immediately benefit them and where a letter to granny can run a program.
19: Fisher in the forest - Sally trees a large member of the weasle family. I also mention hokey God references I've heard in my atheist family.
20: dogs along the Kaaterskill - We hang out with some vegans, one of whom is a dog.
21: ping pong glue - Talking extreme do-it-yourselfism with a neighbor.
22: color and the hierarchy of ideas - Also: alternate economies, practiced falsetto, diverse voices, and compression bloatware.
23: best and worst of the Kaufman oeuvre - I see the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with the Refrigerator People.
24: pain and adware - Fighting to get muscle relaxants and useable computer configurations.
25: bring on the logic - It is good to see our medievalocracy having to deal with the ruthless logic of modernity.
26: adventures down abandoned rights of way - Richard Clarke, Chernobyl, and friends made while walking dogs on the Rail Trail.
27: successfully surprised - Attending a surprise birthday party in High Falls.
28: benefits from the Sun - Late March, lying in the Sun.
29: Rail Trail - a holistic view - Biking from Hurley to High Falls on the Rail Trail in Ulster County.
30: difficult season for the impatient - A slow springtime makes a good day for testing alternative operating systems.
31: cabal cabal - Gretchen's friend Annie comes for a visit, bringing her latest obsession: cabals and the cabal of cabals.