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Tuesday, April 27 2004
Yesterday I got a gizmo that allows me to inject X10 commands from my computer into the household wiring. To see those commands in action, I went by Radio Shack today and bought a gizmo that switches an outlet on and off in response to those commands. I plugged it in and tried it out and it was kind of spooky how well it worked. The switched outlet even made a loud clicking noise whenever it changed state, like the finger of Victorian spectre on a 19th century wall switch.
But my goal is not to simply turn lights on and off; I want to send real data (derived from internet news sources) down the wiring and display it as changed states in physical objects. One of my handful of mid-range accomplishment resolutions is to represent the news of the world as domestic visual weather. I want to make a bull morph into a bear when the stock market is down. I want Jesus to bleed like a stuck pig when Bush's poll numbers fall below 40%.

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