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   May 2004

01: 300 miles to Portland - Gretchen and I drive across New England to attend an art opening.
02: Mackworth Island - Walking around a small Maine island and eating mediocre Indian food from Portland.
03: Sally gets quilled - We return from Maine and Sally encounters a Porcupine in the forest behind our house.
04: the correct answer would have been tomorrow - I do a subcontracted housecall at a bank.
05: reveal a deeper abyss - The kinds of American psychopaths being manufactured in Iraq.
06: support our troops - A silver lining to the Iraqi prisoner torture debacle.
07: last quill - It emerges point-first from Sally's lip.
08: brain for a smart sculpture - Also some Sasser Worm tales.
09: anniversary dinner - And a heated discussion about robot consciousness.
10: Osama bin Laden Boulevard - An idea for geographic mischief.
11: tooth-flecked mouths - Caddies, Lyndie England, and Hip Hop Dentistry.
12: Mavis goes to the catnip field in the sky - We put our old foster cat out of her crotchety misery.
13: acceptable word - Locals and snakes, ideas of faking beheadings, and a word known as \"repurposed\".
14: no idea the world could be so kind - Sally and Eleanor snack on lamb at an outside barbecue.
15: 800 Mhz - I build myself a Yagi antenna using brass and copper.
16: developing a Spanish language film library - So we can learn Spanish for our Ecuador trip.
17: huge itchy mesas - We begin taking a intensive Spanish class and I continue a landscaping project from last Spring.
18: restoring a gargoyle - When a sculpture is made of chalk, smashed pieces can't simply be reattached.
19: situational ADD - It doesn't seem to bother me in Spanish class.
20: geese trees - I look up and see beautiful formations of migrating geese.
21: humingbird in the house - Also: Gretchen and I host a vegetarian barbecue.
22: Dutch Boy urgency - I plug an unexpected leak with my fingers.
23: low-relief frieze - Wall scarification.
24: lightning, Spanish, and cowboy electricianship - A long list of activities in an especially busy day.
25: barn red house - The painters start changing the color of our house.
26: springtime in America - It's good to be alive.
27: house gets redder - Another day of getting the house painted.
28: Gretchen goes to the races - The Meat Locker People take her on a sociological adventure to rural Rochester Township.
29: attempts at increased entropy - I notice someone has vandalized parts of my Stick Trail demarcation.
30: reincarnation of Udai Hussein - A birthday party several miles to the west.
31: peanut dust bioterror - Eating with friends at the Egg's Nest.