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Thursday, May 27 2004
The weather yesterday prevented the painters from working, but today they came out and did most of the rest of the house. The work is going so much faster than expected that the head painter guy offered to throw in the painting of one of our decks for free. At the rate our house is being painted it will be done in only four days, less than half the estimated time, and I think the head painter is concerned we might think we're being ripped off. He's a nice guy, but he's a little too overly-friendly, and he has the vaguely-annoying habit of constantly making reference to the good things he and his crew do that other painters might not.
The head painter doesn't normally allow his employees to listen to music while they're working because what they want to hear is that harsh new "Rock and Roll" type music that disturbs his normally-gentile clients. We, on the other hand, like to stick up for the poor working stiff - even when he wants to listen to Lenny Kravitz. So we set up a radio tuned to their favorite rock and roll station. "Misty Mountain Hop," "Peace of Mind, that sort of thing. If they weren't permitted to drink on the job, hell, at least we could let them listen to music. And eat cake. Yes, Gretchen also baked them a cake, but she was disappointed to find that they only ate half of it.

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