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   June 2004

01: another aspect of Darwinian strong - Also: motivational problems from working remotely.
02: forms of awareness that flow - Also: attempting to watch Sex and Lucia.
03: models for graceful aging - 19 year old classmates are astounded to learn how old we are in Spanish class. Later we meet interesting Uptown characters at a new scene in Kingston.
04: familiar from such places as National Park signs - A brown south deck.
05: insufferable dead president worship - Reagan dies and Gretchen and I take our friends to Kingston's gallery night to show them how fun this town can be.
06: kennel cough - The ever-gimpy Eleanor comes down with an infectious disease.
07: monsters - Watching the Spanish language film Open Your Eyes.
08: twice the age that the Beatles were then - Watching a movie about the alt-country heroes of Wilco.
09: make it into something real - Overly-robust demos. Also, Gretchen begins to excel at Spanish.
10: Muralist Dude - The heterosexual hairdresser's best friend in the whole world.
11: new games for myself - Two way encryption in PHP.
12: ramble of increasingly shack-like additions - I start a cowboy electrician gig at a depressing Tijuana of a house.
13: Eleanor gets quilled - And it's doubtful she'll learn anything from it.
14: the only thing we have to fear - Is the PATRIOT Act itself.
15: Eagle's Nest historian - Of the ad hoc variety.
16: heart attacks and mercy killings - A rough day for strangers in Hurley.
17: firm lanternlike jaws - Watching Univision by myself.
18: Canada and Mexico aren't geographically swapped - Pondering the foolishness of American voters on the banks of the Sawkill.
19: decomposing sewage smell unique - Watching Univision by myself.
20: ghost suburbia - The end of Eagle's Nest Road in rural Hurley, NY.
21: asymmetrical advantage of terrorism - Also, a snapping turtle on Funky Pond Summit.
22: spoon suicide - Killing myself in Spanish class.
23: suggests political futility - 19 year old classmates at a community college near the end of a six week class.
24: conversational Spanish - I take my oral exam and do okay.
25: Matrix of sidewalks - The music of Red Telephone.
26: Keegan cat - Eleanor meets a vicious tabby at Keegan Ales.
27: Red House Party - We throw a party and one our guests crashes his Jaguar.
28: plastic continued to have - Working at the safe end of a long screwdriver.
29: sprain along the Stick Trail - Gretchen has a delayed reaction an ankle sprain out on the Stick Trail.
30: Lulu the cat - We start foster a cat with an unusual ability to jump.