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Wednesday, June 9 2004
Today the weather approached the maximum it reached last summer, which wasn't all that high. The thermometer on the north-facing window reached into the high 80s. I managed to be comfortable even in my attic laboratory so long as I had a fan blowing on me.
In Spanish class, however, there was air conditioning, and that actually meant that it was possible to be uncomfortably cold. Such are the excesses of the oil-fueled age, when the finite corpses of our ancestors are burned so a chill can be experienced in late springtime.
In class Gretchen and I have been feeling more comfortable with trying to speak Spanish, and we do our best to banter with the teacher despite our lack of fluency. Gretchen likes to talk, so she has more motivation than I do. She's also sort of fearless, but it's paying off. Today she was saying things faster than I could process them, though (after her) I'm the best student in class. Gretchen studies more than I do, but her main advantage is her knowledge of French. She also says that she developed a working knowledge of Italian when she was there back in the early 1990s.

I spent most of the day working on actual work for my remote employer. I've been given the task of building a demo website, but I'm finding it easiest to build something that wouldn't take much additional work to turn it into the thing its only supposed to be emulating. Part of the reason I'm building this demo so robustly is one of motivation. Dull projects, even fairly trivial ones, require incredible will to finish. The only way to keep the project interesting is to make it into something real.

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