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Monday, June 28 2004
I had a little bit of a hangover today, but I wasn't completely debilitated, even though (for mysterious psychological reasons) it doesn't take much of a hangover to debilitate me. I tasked myself mostly with cleaning up the little mess that remained from yesterday's Red House Party.
I also went over to Eagle's Nest and did a little more cowboy-style electrical wiring. Sometimes things feel very cowboy out there. Indeed, the entirety of Eagle's Nest road feels like a slice of the Wild West, but with trees. In today's installment, I stripped out all the stuff that was unnecessary from the old circuit breaker box and converted it into a junction box for two circuits. One of these is the house's main electrical supply, a source of power that cannot be switched off without the help of the electric company. Always one to do things the hard way instead of jumping bureaucratic hurdles, I found myself splicing wires to the hot main lines, taking full advantage of the insulating properties of my biggest flat-tipped screwdriver. Happily, I have nothing interesting to report. Despite my worst fears, the laws of physics did not break down and plastic continued to have powerful insulating properties.

Our newest, shyest cat Maxwell was missing today, though I'd seen him last night at the end of the party. Usually both cats make an appearance every morning so they can each get their respective "lumps" of wet food.

Is it just me, or is today's secret bunker "handover" of sovereignty to "the Iraqi People" reminiscent of Adolf Hitler's marriage to Eva Braun? Mind you, I'd love to find a historical example of this sort of thing that didn't include Hitler as a prominent player, but I can't think of any.

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