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   July 2004

01: Dug Hill Road Bread and Beckfast - A couple lovebirds visit from the city.
02: bathroom bank vulnerability - Sometimes a security risk can be found in something as trivial as the location of a bathroom.
03: down the Canary Falls - Also, the huge space hitherto-unknown behind Backstage Productions
04: Dug Hill fireworks - The locals celebrate with mid-sized-municipality firepower.
05: clutter was less of a San Fernando Valley - Another social obligation, this time with a decidedly older crowd.
06: fog of pixels - I see Fahrenheit 9/11
07: wild animal proximity - Deer and hummingbirds on the Hurley Mountain Plateau.
08: cloyingly flag-bedecked - On hold waiting for Lexmark tech support in a bank.
09: data fog - Fireworks in Uptown Kingston and a comically useless web portal.
10: beef fwith otherf - After opening party in Woodstock.
11: hands in the air - Self-induced torture.
12: good construction smalltalk - Fahrenheit 9/11 discussed over a Dewalt screwgun.
13: keep the internet out - I buy a lowtech tool and dream about an internet-free shop to tinker in.
14: swapping cats - We trade a four year old for a kitten.
15: Ms. Tent - Painting birdhouses and suffering bank employee condescension.
16: encounters with the natural - Bears, chipmunks, mice, interruptions
17: alternative rock universe - Listening to Christian rock.
18: beating Bush in Woodstock - We attend a fundraiser.
19: madness dispelled by methods - I do some object-oriented programming in PHP.
20: eighty percent of her friskitude - Gimpiness strikes Sally and mosquitoes return to the forest.
21: some sort of synchronization - Diving an ensemble up and playing on two different sides of an internet connection.
22: huge take home salad - We can never get enough of Stella's specialty in Uptown Kingston.
23: reading low-wattage commentary - Responding to things found on
24: the freshness of newly-milled lumber - It's still a piece of shit, but at least the Eagle's Nest house smells better.
25: African drums, a broken wrist, and watermelon rinds - Two social events.
26: starved of those qualities - Clinton gives his best speech ever.
27: $400 grocery haul - We drive to Danbury, CT, our nearest Trader Joe's.
28: uselessly subtle satire. - But then again, the Flag just makes more sense than the Constitution.
29: kinship with lizards - Kerry's speech tonight in which he accepts the Democratic party nomination.
30: own æsthetic cost - Imperfectly sexy gadget designs.
31: stung at the secret spot - Always avoid abandoned trucks.