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Tuesday, July 13 2004
I was driving all over the place again today. I was back in Redhook on my third visit to repair that ailing Lexmark Printer. I popped in two new parts and there was still something wrong with it, and the guy in Bangalore seemed to think a new fuser was in order. Meanwhile I had to deal with an impatient fat-assed bank employee, the kind whose skirt forms a vast tent-like structure that would be perfect shelter from a Himalayan snowstorm if it didn't have such nasty pudenda at its peak. She kept insisting that I not do things to the printer because she had things she needed to print out. I mostly indulged her, and even made a weak attempt at playing along with one of her jokes. But I mostly just hated her. I'd had to stifle a desire to tell her to go fuck herself on my first day working with her godforsaken printer.
This constant running around and being distracted from my remote programming gig is causing me a great deal of stress, and on my way home from Redhook I did some theraputic shopping at the Hudson Valley Mall. After curing my low blood sugar wih some nasty food court egg rolls, I went into Sears and bought a tool I've wanted to have ever since taking that one high school shop class I took in tenth grade. It was a Craftsman drill press, the smaller of the two models in stock. I keep running into situations where I need a drill press, and from now on I'll be able to tackle such situations. Now all I need to do is set up a proper shop area in the garage annex. There's large room beyond the garage that was obviously intended as shop, but it's very cluttered and needs to be reorganized. I also need to set up some sort of work bench out there. It could be a wonderfully creative place where I could make beautiful things, just so long as I keep the internet out of there somehow.

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