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   August 2004

01: training wild grapes - I put up some string and curl the tendrils around it.
02: welcoming new neighbors - We give our new neighbors a bottle of champagne.
03: death to the faux country æsthetic - Disposing of ruined tile in a shallow grave.
04: left in the left itself - Is Michael Moore really an anti-semite?
05: dogwalking visitors - Keeping on the down low in the laboratory is not always very easy.
06: August autumn - The Nader effect is starting to work the way Nader promised it would.
07: more maddening than 555 - Talking about the annoyance of dreams as plot devices.
08: fuck electricity - Listening to Ira Glass and running electrical wire.
09: fajitas in Lake Hill - Voting for Nader, burning secret documents, and breaking a one day marijuana fast beneath Ursa Major.
10: fragile dike of surface tension - Building a boulder dam across Esopus Creek with friends.
11: playdate in August - Smoking pot, drinking beer, and hearing about the picking of locks.
12: keeping track of my bottle - Drinking beer with snuff dipper.
13: possibly violating Asimovian principles - I make a sign to keep guests from entrusting dishwashing to our dishwashing robot.
14: single cairn for decades - Piling stones in the forest and hanging out with a trio of houseguests.
15: minting new Naderites - Gretchen returns to Naderism after seeing an interview with Jason West, Green Party mayor of New Paltz.
16: storm in the Catskills - Also some musings on loogies and the Republican Convention.
17: fire versus Yellow Jackets - Using man's oldest technology, I hit a colony under the steps leading down to the Stick Trail.
18: more computer tech complaints - Something about today really brought out the infuriating in the world of computers, although one thing in Windows actually worked for the first time.
19: ærial robot sent to interrogate - Undoing Tijuana construction and being buzzed by White Faced Hornets.
20: thunderstorm at the balloon festival - We drive to Greenville, NY in hopes of riding in a hot air balloon.
21: dumpster full of wheelchairs - A rainy Corn Festival in Hurley, and dumpster diving wheelchairs.
22: Derby 2004 - We attend a soap box derby in Kingston and feel a special Kingston pride.
23: giftwrap - Feeling a little under the weather.
24: they practically write themselves - But cheerleader movies can still be bombs.
25: Wednesday effect - That would be a reference to a crisis experienced crossing a serotonin desert. But what I want you to read about is actually project effort amnesia.
26: away from the civilizing influence - I start work on the north deck.
27: first of what will hopefully be many - The north deck opens for leisure.
28: suggested serving - I happened to look at the label on the jar of Ot Hiem Do.
29: overall lack of billionaire lynching - Protest in NYC, mosquitos at home.
30: drainage is a tricky art - I cut my hair and a deluge tests the permeability of the basement wall.
31: foundation trench project - Plum dumplings with the neighbors and their descendants.