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Sunday, August 29 2004
Today was the day of the mass demonstration in New York City against George W. Bush on the eve of the Republican convention there. I kept checking in with the news all day as the numbers swelled, first from thousands to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. By the end the number given by some was as high as a half million. That's a hell of a lot of people, and peaceful too considering that only about 100 were arrested. It was almost enough to restore a little faith in humanity, a faith that has been tested by the overall lack of rioting and billionaire lynching that has attended this administration.
In a way I feel like I'm missing out on history not being there and not doing my part to silently (yet effectively) deliver my own personal fuck you to the Republican pod people, but to be honest I'm actually sort of a chickenshit, and I assumed I'd be teargassed and rounded up in a big boring mass arrest.

[REDACTED] It's really hard to muster initiative to work on a project when there's a good chance the lead developer will simply take it over and do it all himself, which has happened on the last two projects. When I'm working on my deck, on the other hand, I know my relationship with this inanimate object has a good chance of continuing for years of mutually-beneficial coexistence. This might seem like an odd comparison, but the two projects vie for my attention and, as a human being, I fill my days with conscious and unconscious decisions concerning the most effective use of my time.
The recent heat wave, which continued today, seems to have precipitated a population explosion of mosquitos. Others might blame recent rains (which ended a week ago), but the correlation in this case (and with others before it) seems to be more with the heat. And by heat, I'm not talking about anything extreme. It feels like a terribly hot day whenever the thermometer outside my laboratory registers anything more than 80 degrees, but there have only been about a week of days like this throughout the entire summer.

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