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   dogwalking visitors
Thursday, August 5 2004
Gretchen did an admirable job of keeping dogwalking visitors away from me as I toiled in my laboratory, but inevitably one of them demanded to see me any way for one "quick" computer-related question. It was about whether or not the emails bearing dire warnings that "your computer could be infected with spyware" could possibly be true. Again I had to give my schpiel about how one should never under any circumstances believe a statement that comes via email. Email is about as likely to be true as bathroom graffiti, which is to say that sometimes it is, but only if you know with certainty the person who wrote it. Since the computer in question is a Macintosh, I added that spyware is virtually nonexistent in his computational environment. But I suspect he already knew all this; he was using it as a ruse to extricate me from my laboratory so he could talk to me and so his wife could give me a hug.

Clarence and the kitchen.

Julius in the teevee room, which we also sometimes call the map room. In the background you can see the Kingston West topographic map quadrangle and a National Geographic map of the World.

We've been dogsitting for a friend's dog. The friend is named Julia and here Gretchen poses with Julia's dog, Carlos. He's looks like a somewhat taller, longer-nosed version of Sally, with a strong current of some kind of non-retriever bird dog breed. Gretchen is in love with Carlos; she says he's her favorite dog after Sally and Eleanor. In the background you can see Eleanor and her prominent thigh gash.

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