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Friday, August 27 2004
The new north (laboratory) deck began the day as a joist framework without adequate support in the roof beneath its two support pillars. It ended the day with all its decking in place and an abstract set of handrails, minus the pickets necessary to keep a toddler from toddling to its premature demise. Cats and dogs, on the other hand, are much too clever to toddle over an edge like some poorly-programmed robot. This evening I had all the critters out on the deck, and both Lulu and Clarence used it as a port of departure for a thorough exploration of the house's entire rooftop. Little Julius was apparently traumatized by the hours he spent stuck on that same rooftop some weeks ago and he kept mostly to the deck itself.
I set up two pieces of lawn furniture and cracked a Yuengling, the first of what will hopefully be many beers consumed on this new surface.
I realized today that one corner of the new deck actually offers a beautiful and unique southeast view that is invisible from any other pedestrian surface in or around the house. It's a view of the steep forested slope through which the Stick Trail passes about a quarter of its distance away from the house. This line of sight view probably explains the good reception I get for my pirate radio station, WGUS. I'm going to have to move its dipole broadcast antenna somewhere else because I keep hitting my head on it as I come and go out the laboratory window, the only way to get to the deck. I also need to build something for getting in and out of that window; right now I'm bounding up and down on a tattered old chair whose arm rests were severely chewed by Eleanor back during her late puppy phase (less than a year ago).

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