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Wednesday, June 2 2004
Today I managed to get more of a handle on my work habits and began developing a nascent daily routine. Just communicating more with my remote colleagues was helpful in shepherding this process. In the process I discovered that one of the developers was working in Dublin, Ireland, not San Francisco. And in turn that developer discovered that I was an American working in New York State, not an Englishman working in Manchester. I'm intrigued by the forms of awareness that flow effortlessly through the network as well as the forms that don't. Obviously, any form of information can be made to flow through the internet, but certain forms that are impossible to contain in the real world have to be explicitly mentioned in an email or instant message conversation in order for them to be known.

In the evening Gretchen and I watched Sex and Lucia, a Spanish language movie with subtitles. It was a relentlessly erotic film, though the sex scenes themselves tended to be kind of cheesy. It was too long and complicated for me, especially given the erotic distraction and my hopeless attempts to follow the rapid-fire Catalonian dialogue. Eventually I abandoned this cinematic mess and went back into my laboratory to work.

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