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   springtime in America
Wednesday, May 26 2004
I had a computer housecall after Spanish. Some guy near New Paltz had been so harassed by MSN Messenger demanding an upgrade that he went ahead and, well, upgraded, and now his MSN doesn't work at all. He had a moderate spyware infestation that I could handle, but when MSN is fucked it's usually fucked well down into what passes for the Windows kernel. That's only one of the dangers of using software from only one company. Since this guy was running Windows ME, the only advice I could think of was for him to reinstall Windows ME as a short term solution and to get a Macintosh as a long term one. Whenever anyone asks me my advice on what kind of computer to get, I always say Macintosh. People with Macintoshes are both happier (and usually smarter) than people who depend on PCs.
I've been trying to keep my computer housecall business down to a minimum now that I'm spending so much of my waking life in Spanish class or working for my new remote web development job (which pays a salary).
And then there are the demands of living in interesting times. I can't sit in front of my computer for very long without checking in on all my favorite news sites. For some reason I need to see each of George W. Bush's chickens as they come home to roost. I feel genuinely sad for all the souls who saw this country willfully crawl beneath the fascist boot of the post-9/11 Bush administration but who died before experiencing the springtime of its demise. Ah, spring in 2004, it's the end of winter in more ways than one!

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