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Saturday, March 4 2006
Gretchen organized a little after-dinner party at our house this evening. We started out by the fire but eventually we moved upstairs and watched something Gretchen had Tivo'd during Black History Month about gay marriage among African Americans. (I can't believe it's still called Black History Month - that's so racist!). This was part of an entire multi-part series that Gretchen had brought us together to view. It felt a little odd to be gathered with two other conventional white couples to watch something about black gay people, but that was the broccoli we were there to eat. Once we'd seen just one of these shows, we'd had enough broccoli and there was a general clamor among the assembled for us to watch something a little, well, lighter. So we watched an episode of Strangers With Candy, the one where Jerri's father is killed by Rottweilers and a klan outfit turns up in his closet.

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