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Thursday, March 30 2006
It was a beautiful spring day, with temperatures warm enough for me to wear a tee shirt outside. All sorts of insects were taking advantage of the weather in a way that would have been impossible had a similarly-warm day happened back in January (we came pretty close a few times this winter). There were mud dauber wasps gathering soil for their nests, black flies buzzing annoyingly in front of my face, and even a few mosquitos trying to get a jump on the blood sucking season. (For their trouble they earned Darwin Awards.)
Somewhat impulsively, I went off today to the tool rental place on 9W North and rented their 65 pound jackhammer, and once I got it home I used it to dig a diagonal trench across the driveway, a place where I will eventually lay four inch PVC drainage pipe and end the source of the one remaining patch of lethal wintertime driveway ice. (Though this might not be a problem in the future, what with quickening pace of global warming.)
There you have it, two or three global warming references in one short entry.
Oh, and then Mr. Tillson came over to borrow a few tools and also to dump a pile of leaves that had accumulated beneath the car he'd just sold to some rednecks for $100. That's one thing rednecks are definitely good for, to buy that old car taking up room in your yard. With a force akin to gravity, their yards pull in cars from the weakly-attracting yards of their neighbors.

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