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   distinction between design and nature
Tuesday, March 28 2006 In the morning I treated the dogs to "the big loop" of the Stick Trail, the one with the good overlook of the Esopus Valley corn fields. As I walked I found myself mentally sketching out a hypothetical novel based on someone who builds stick trails who encounters a group of crypto-Indians (or perhaps Space Aliens). The Indians/Aliens are either commiting mysterious acts of revenge or monitoring a great experiment that began with intelligent design, and our hero (the stick trail builder) somehow finds great mind-blowing truths in the course of his encounters. These all have to do with the sometimes-subtle distinction between design and nature, as reflected (for example) in the arrangement of the sticks on either side of the trails he builds.
In the afternoon and evening I continued work on my MySQL front end project, now about to enter its fourth month of development. I've added the ability for the front end to draw bar graphs reflecting the data in any table, and there is a basis now in the code for me to rapidly implement any sort of front end for any table of data. Of particular interest for me is the ability, soon, to dynamically label points on a Google Map based on longitude/latitude data in a table.
In the aftermath of this new set of features, some of the code resembled a shantytown, so I went through it and consolidated parts of it into separate functions and found terser ways to express some of my algorithms.

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